About us

Dakri is a small business based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Don’t let our small size fool you – we love taking on big challenges. Over the past 10 years, Dakri Consulting has provided business intelligence services to a range of organizations – from small businesses, to some of Canada’s largest public sector entities, to Fortune 500 companies.

This range of experience means we are comfortable working with whatever environment your data sits in – from simple spreadsheets, to sophisticated data warehouses. We offer a full range of business intelligence solutions, including automated report and dashboard creation, data warehousing, and custom data analytics. The quality of our work stands the test of time with 1000+ unique reporting products that continue to be in use by our clients today.

  • Helping you succeed is how we succeed..
  • Take the time to understand your business
  • Ask questions instead of “taking orders
  • Always deliver things on spec and on time..